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However, to be eligible for the refund, you cannot have used five GB of data or more and/or you must not have violated the terms and conditions. Unfortunately, there is not a free version, nor is there Air VPN Reviews a free trial for any of the AirVPN services, which is a bit frustrating. As I touched upon, I do think AirVPN is better suited to advanced users, and this is shown by their customer support.

I Went Thru 5 Vpn Providers Before I Found Airvpn ….

Along with the OpenVPN protocol, AES-256-CBC is used , which is the military-grade encryption and has no history of data breaching. First, we connected the system with the server showing the least latency of 107 ms. The download speed of 0.98 Mbps is obtained after the reduction of 90%. But in the case of upload speed, the reduction is not that much.

When connected to a server it’s possible to access real-time speed reports alongside all the stats and logs of the session. Likewise, when accessing the protocol settings, for instance, there’s an extensive list with all the ports available and a brief description of each of them. The choice of which to use is totally up to the user, though there’s an ‘automatic’ option for those that don’t want to mess with it. This is seen even before starting to use the program, as AirVPN’s official website allows anyone to download the program in a handful of ways depending on the device chosen. The most comfortable is the desktop client, where everything is clean and tidy but also has the option to configure it using command lines, disk images, package installers and many more.

Airvpn: The Not

I also liked that the servers in Eddies’s server list are arranged according to how well they are performing. Air VPN is simple; the downloading and installation is very easy and you will have the service on your device in no time. Their instruction may look technical Air VPN Reviews and complicated; but the set up of the software is not complicated, it can be done quickly and with ease. That said, if you want a service that gives you enough time to test run them via a generous money back guarantee, you will have to look beyond Air VPN.

Please note that the configuration changes you can make include the type of connection and the location to which you wish to connect your server when surfing the internet. Because a VPN encrypts your data, sending and returning your data usually takes a little longer. The connection may be slightly slower but is barely noticeable. Speed is what determines how quickly content is uploaded to the network. So, if you download Torrents or do streaming, the speed must be at least equal to that of your internet connection.

Air VPN Reviews

Airvpn And Netflix

NordVPN has an ad-blocker as well, which is something AirVPN is lacking. If you want to use streaming services that are ad-supported, you’re going to have those annoying mid-roll ads and pop-ups. Once you are logged in, you can select your server manually, or you can choose the fastest and closest server. You need to head to the Countries panel to whitelist the country you want to connect to.

In addition, AirVPN offers internet access without compromising speed. This VPN exhibits certain useful features and is a wide and cost-effective option in terms of pricing and plans.

In Canada, most of the servers are located in Ontario, but in the case of USA, they are distributed at eleven locations. Even after having so many servers in Ontario, the load is still high at this location. It may decrease if more servers are added to different Canadian locations. One limitation of this application is the server locations.

The AirVPN reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the dating site reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews. The funny thing about AirVPN is that it supports OpenVPN and nothing else. Hacktivists that they are, they regard PPTP and even L2TP/IPsec as too insecure.

  • There’s nothing to point fingers at when it comes to the speed of the connections and, most importantly, their reliability, which is all that really matters.
  • It’s hardly “tiny” as the performance demonstrated comfortably puts it in the upper portion of the VPN providers table.
  • In turn, since there are no restrictions on servers or features on any of the plans, this means that the first one can be used without any risks or limitations as is the case with the most expensive ones.
  • Better still, AirVPN makes use of AES-256 cipher that features SHA-1 HMAC authentication for all data channels.
  • To apply for a refund, you cannot have used the service for more than three days nor exceeded the global traffic volume of 5GB.
  • In addition, the solution utilizes perfect forward secrecy, to optimize OpenVPN security whereas the employed 4096bit Hellman keys refresh hourly to be always up-to-date.

However, the AirVPN service ensures that users do users do not lose money. Even while not offering Air VPN Reviews free trials, they make sure that their first concern is not users’ money but users’ satisfaction.

While IPSec is one of the most secure protocols, OpenVPN is definitely the winner. It is also considered the best VPN protocol available for commercial use up to date. Seeing as OpenVPN is now able to run on all major platforms, this is unlikely to be a problem for most users (unless you have a Blackberry or Windows Mobile, in which case you’re out of luck). Although it is based in Italy, AirVPN offers multiple servers in 19 different countries. There are servers in Europe, the US, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Secondly, Tor connections via Open VPN are now available for such operating systems as Linux, OS X and Mac. Windows users are also lucky to take use of more user-friendly Tor over VPN connections, they are now easier. In such a manner, working together with AirVPN, you may be sure of high-quality services providing in compliance with global network legislation. You can connect to wireless networks and still enjoy complete security from other users that share a Wi-Fi hotspot.

In the protocol selection window, you can select the port along with the protocol. Every different combination of protocol and port has a specific purpose. By choosing the right combination, you can enhance the security of the system. Some of the combinations may not affect the security directly but protects the privacy of the user.

Features Summary Of Airvpn

This might not seem like a lot, but it does cover the most popular locations. Founded in 2013, Air VPN Reviews the site’s mission is to help users around the world reclaim their right to privacy.

This would help you to take a strong decision on whether the application is reliable or not. “No maximum speed limit, it depends only on the server load“. Some of the near by locations showed excellent speed; and there are pronounced reduction in speed as you connect with a distance server. One fine thing about Air VPN’s relatively small network of only 219 servers in only 20 countries is that it is widely distributed across the globe.

Air VPN Reviews

Europe has a great spread, with 153 servers spread across 15 different countries. However, South America and Asia are rather limited, while Africa is non-existent. In South America, you will only find VPN servers in Brazil, whereas Asia is restricted to Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong.

The ping soared after connecting to the VPN, most likely because of my distance from the server. To gauge the overall performance of AirVPN, I ran a speed test on Here’s the speed of my connection before connecting to AirVPN. The feature that I found most desirable was the transparency of AirVPN when it comes to choosing a server. Using the client software, you can access detailed information about any server, including server load, connected users, and pings.

In order to circumvent internet censorship fast and smoothly, use DNS routing system provided by AirVPN. Instead of other geo-spoofing utilities, the system double-hops your internet connection via an internal server Air VPN Reviews allowing to access restricted content. As practice shows, remote port forwarding is a decent protective measure against cyber-attacks. But along with that, it keeps from reaching your services over the Internet.

However, after we tried a few different things, we’d had enough. We traced the route of our connection to the New York server, finding that it was routed through some locations in Europe. We reached out to AirVPN about this issue, which said it was strange that our ISP decided to route the connection through Europe. However, we noticed some odd behaviour that raised some questions for us. As we mentioned earlier, when we performed our speed test on the New York server, our speed test website told us that this server was located in Accra, Ghana.

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We’ll continue to expand our VPN reviews, and hope that you’ll write your own experiences . You can apply for a refund if you are not satisfied with the service provided. AirVPN will then refund you within 30 days of this request.